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Climb Kilimanjaro travel dates
Climb Kilimanjaro Travel dates
Your Kilimanjaro climb up Kilimanjaro can start on any day of the week all year round. The best travel dates up Kilimanjaro however will be during January until March, and from end June to end October due to the weather conditions traditionally being more stable during that time.
Weather conditions on Kilimanjaro, like all other high altitude mountains, however are unpredictable and can change.
Another consideration to take into account when planning your Kilimanjaro climb is to have your summit attempt fall during a full moon cycle. All Kilimanjaro summit attempts start around midnight, having a full moon during your trek up to Uhuru peak, the summit on Kilimanjaro, will provide you with more natural light to make your climb saver and easier.
For your convenience we have listed the full moon dates for the near future, and also the indicative itinerary starting dates which are based on a standard 6 day route up Kilimanjaro. As mentioned however please note that your Kilimanjaro adventure is not restricted to the below mentioned dates and can start on any day of the week, depending on availability.
Full moon on 22/04/16 – start your hike on the 19/04/16
Full moon on 21/05/16 – start your hike on the 18/05/16
Full moon on 20/06/16 – start your hike on the 17/06/16
Full moon on 20/07/16 – start your hike on the 17/07/16
Full moon on 18/08/16 – start your hike on the 15/08/16
Full moon on 16/09/16 – start your hike on the 13/09/16
Full moon on 16/10/16 – start your hike on the 13/10/16
Full moon on 14/11/16 – start your hike on the 11/11/16
Full moon on 14/12/16 – start your hike on the 11/12/16
Full moon on 12/01/17 – start your hike on the 09/01/17
Full moon on 11/02/17 – start your hike on the 08/02/17
Full moon on 12/03/17 – start your hike on the 09/03/17




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