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Mt. Kilimanjaro - The Umbwe Route
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The Umbwe route on Kilimanjaro is also known as the “steep way” up Kilimanjaro, due to the steep slopes that are covered hiking on the first couple of days. It is advised to attempt this route should you already be acclimatized due to the nature of the first couple days of the route. This can be done by hiking up Mount Meru, situated in the Arusha National park prior to starting up Kilimanjaro. The Umbwe route can be completed in six or seven days. Accommodation on this route will be in tents.



The Umbwe Route itinerary
Total hiking distance about 77km (around 39 km to the summit and 38 km back down)
Kilimanjaro The Umbwe route itinerary by Dream World Adventures


Day one on the Kilimanjaro Umbwe route itinerary
Travel day to Moshi in Tanzania
The first day of your itinerary will be for travelling to Moshi in Tanzania. Your adventure itinerary will start and finish in Moshi. If you will be travelling by Air your arrival Airport will be at Kilimanjaro International Airport.
After arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport you will be met by a representative of our Tanzanian counterparts and be transferred to Hotel Springlands in Moshi.
This hotel offers great views of mountain Kilimanjaro on a clear day. You will overnight at Hotel Springlands.
Umbwe route 01 Hotel Springlands on Kilimanjaro itinerary


Day two on the Kilimanjaro Umbwe route itinerary
Day 1 on Kilimanjaro
Starting point The Umbwe Park gate at +/- 1550m
End point The Umbwe Cave camp at +/- 2800m
Terrain Rain forest
Distance to walk +/- 14 Km
Hiking time About 6 hours
Umbwe route 02 Rainforest on Kilimanjaro From hotel Springlands it will be a +/-60 minutes drive to Umbwe Gate, the starting point on the southern side of the National park. After signing yourself in at the gate you start your hike. The first day you will be hiking though the rainforest belt that is found around the park. Although this section is short in distance, it is also very steep. Caution needs to be taken not to ascend to fast as this will cause altitude related problems later in the hike. Lunch will be provided to you in a form of a lunch packet at the gate, and the first day will take you approximately 6 hours. Your sleeping arrangements will be in tents that is part of the package with Dream World Adventures.
No running water is available at the camp site, it is also no need for you to go fetch water at the closets river. Your guide will be more than happy to provide you with water, and also boil it for you on request.


Day three on the Kilimanjaro Umbwe route itinerary
Day 2 on Kilimanjaro
Starting point The Umbwe Cave camp at +/- 2800m
End point Barranco camp at +/- 3 950m
Terrain Heathland / Moorland
Distance to walk +/- 6 Km
Hiking time About 4 hours
The next morning after breakfast we continue to walk closer to Kibo up to the Barranco encampment. This section is also very short and steep, and can be done in a couple of hours. It is however recommended to ascent very slow as it will be of no benefit to just relax at the following camp. Umbwe route 03 Barranco Camp on Kilimanjaro


Day four on the Kilimanjaro Umbwe route itinerary
Day 3 on Kilimanjaro
Starting point Barranco camp at +/- 3 950m
End point The Karanga valley camp at +/- 4200m
Terrain Alpine Desert
Distance to walk +/- 7 Km
Hiking time About 4 hours
Umbwe route 04 Lobelias on Kilimanjaro Start as early as possible to cross over the great Barranco wall. The wall looks more difficult than it is, but will still take you the best of 2 hours. From the top of the wall a couple of valleys need to be crossed until reaching the Karanga valley. Here you will set up camp. Overnight at the Karanga valley campsite.


Day five on the Kilimanjaro Umbwe route itinerary
Day 4 on Kilimanjaro
Starting point The Karanga valley camp at +/- 4200m
End point Barafu camp +/- 4 550m
Terrain Alpine Desert
Distance to walk +/- 6 Km
Hiking time About 4 hours
From the Karangu valley camp it will be a short hike that camp be completed in around 4 hours. It is still recommended to start early as to have more time to spent relaxing at the Barafuu camp. The more rest you get in at this camp the better prepared you will be to have a successful summit. Umbwe route 05 Barafu camp on Kilimanjaro


Day six on the Kilimanjaro Umbwe route itinerary
Day 5 on Kilimanjaro
Starting point Barafu camp +/- 4 550m
First major landmark Stella Point at +/- 5 685m
Second major landmark Uhuru Peak at +/- 5895m
End point Mweka camp at +/- 3 100m
Terrain Alpine Desert scree slope with ice/snow and Glaciers
Distance to summit +/- 7 Km
Total distance to walk +/- 30 Km
Hiking time About 18 hours
Umwe route 06 Uhuru peak on Kilimanjaro Around midnight you will have to start your final ascent to the summit. You will be woken with tea/coffee and biscuits. This part of your hike will be done at night to be able to reach Stella Point around first light (+/- 7 hours from Barafu camp). This will be by far the most difficult part of your hike, as you will not only be hiking on a slope of loose gravel, but also be doing so at altitude. Remember to constantly be on the move and only take short breaks every 2 hours or so to avoid getting cold. Your equipment that you have on should be able to assist your body to warm itself, and to keep cold wind out, but when not moving this becomes more difficult. Once
arriving at Stella Point, people tend to stay too long and subsequently turn around at this point. Do not spend more than 10 minutes here as you still have the last leg of your trip to complete. Another +/- 1 hour’s hike and you will have reached Uhuru Peak – the highest point in Africa! After this amazing and emotional experience you will return to Barafu camp via Stella Point. This will go a lot faster than when you summited and you should arrive back at Barafu camp before lunch time. Enjoy a light lunch and a short break before continuing down with the Mweka route to the Mweka camp, where you spend your last night on the mountain.


Day seven on the Kilimanjaro Umbwe route itinerary
Day 6 on Kilimanjaro
Starting point Mweka camp at +/- 3 100m
End point Mweka gate at +/- 1 980m
Terrain Rain forest
Distance to walk +/- 15 Km
Hiking time About 4 hours
No need for walking slowly anymore, yet it is also not necessary to run. Enjoy the scenery as you walk thought the rain forest. Lunch will be served at the Mweka gate around 12h00. It will take you approximately 4 hours to reach the gate from Mweka camp. From the gate you will be collected and returned to Hotel Springlands for a celebration dinner.
All successful mountaineers that have reached Uhuru Peak or Stella point will be presented with a unique certificate to commemorate your achievement.
Umbwe route 07 Mweka Camp on Kilimanjaro








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