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The Dream World Adventures Elbrus' 10 expedition will be updated on a daily basis with the progress of the group.

The team departs on Thursday 05 Aug 2010 and will be returning to South Africa on Wednesday 18 Aug 2010.

Monday 16 Aug ‘10

Our midnight train arrived spot on time yesterday morning. A pleasant trip! The temperamental weather of Russia's 2nd largest city saw us confined indoors for much of the afternoon, thankfully in Gostiny Dvor, a huge and varied mall. The rain did clear however, allowing us to see several of the city's attractions. A good night's sleep was had by all. Today we went on an excursion to Peterhoff. This opulent summer palace was truly something to behold! It's many golden statues, spilling fountains and colourful gardens made it a highlight in our memories of the many contrasts that exist in Russia. We leave for Moscow again tonight.



Sunday 15 Aug ‘10

We arrive in St. Petersburg at 08h00 – time enough to freshen up and plan the day’s activities. St. Petersburg. Another city that never sleeps, there is always something happening somewhere!  



Saturday 14 Aug ‘10

We have an early flight back to Moscow, so another early start today! Upon arrival in Moscow at 10h50 we will drive to the train station and store our luggage before hitting the streets once again in search of some more of those famous Moscow sights.  Tonight we take the overnight train to St. Petersburg. 


From Joey Pienaar
Happy birthday Rose,What a way to celebrate!!!

Joey & Dina and Kilima Kidogo team



Friday 13 Aug ‘10

Today we look a leisurely stoll to the Terskol Valley.  More walking but enjoyed by all.  We depart at 4am tomorrow for MonVody.descent to Azau Glade for a bistro lunch before returning to the hotel.


From Jeff Gardner
Hi Rose, Congrats on yet another victory, you make us settlers proud!!!
Jeff, Ingrid and boys

From Joey Pienaar
Hi Rose & Mt Elbrus group.

I am so glad that we have summited!! hahaha
This hike with you and your group in my mind was just as genuine and fears as your own stroll up and down that mountain.  As I can sea from the photos... awesome!  It tells its own story.
 Congratulations to you all, also to good Dr. Shave.  You have accomplished what some of us only dream of. Well done!  Enjoy the rest of your journey in Russia.

Then... which mountain next?

Joey & Dina and the Kilima Kidogo guesthouse team in Zanzibar

Anne Humphries
Good Wan!
Well done Cohens and the rest of the team. Looking forward to the photos and stories

Anne Humphries
BMW Financial Services (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd

From Steve
Well done everyone, it seems like it took an instant to do the impossible. You’re lucky the champion snorer stayed in SA. Good one Stacy and Brett!!!! The Shmees

From Jeff Gardner
Hi Rose,
Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow, congratulations

Lots of Love
Dad, Jeff and family

Ps: Good luck to your blue bulls tomorrow



Thursday 12 Aug ‘10

Today we descent to Azau Glade for a bistro lunch before returning to the hotel.


From Nora Reynecke
Hey Rose!Congrats to everyone who made it to the top!!Now you can just relax & enjoy the rest of your tour.  Have a good time!Hoeveel roebels skuld ek jou???


From Lindy Oliver
Thinking of youse everyday and glad youse made it.  Well done. God bless.

Lindy Oliver



Wednesday 11 Aug ‘10

This morning required an early start. With favourable weather the team left the hut in the darkest hours just before dawn and begin our ascent of the Western Summit of Elbrus (5 642m), hoping to stand on Europe’s highest point later this morning  Zig-zagging up the slope past Pastukhov Rocks and into the saddle between the Eastern & Westerns peaks – 2 snow-cones towering over the range – the gradient become a real challenge here and going was slow, but worth it in the end. Now back at Blue Hut I'm happy to report that both the Cohen brother (the gass men), Henk, Johan & Renier sucsessfully summited Mt. Elbrus at 10h20 under the watchfull eye of Viktor, our Russian mountain guide. Unfortunitally due to mountain sickness our good Dr Shava could not go all the way, and I saw him safely down the mountain to the hut. Tonight everyone will surely crash,albeit with the chainsaw gang. Tomorrow we head back to the hotel for some serious r&r.


From Jill Harvey
Hi Nolan,

Big wave from the top, please!

Love from the Harveys

Jill Harvey
Assistant to the Headmistress

From Shaun Durandt
Stace and Brett, it sounds like y’all are having a jol man and the weather seems rather “balmy”. Question: which of you two MOFO’s kept the rest of the crew up met boom saag?

From Katie Cohen
Good luck to Daddy, uncle Brett and the team for your climb to the summit today. We know you can do it! We love you. Sydney, Georgia and Mommy Regards

Katie Cohen

From Heleen
Awe, Rennie my ma se kind met die poepol wange!! Sjoe dit lyk stunning daar waar julle is,  sterkte met die hele trip, geniet elke oomblik - bring daar 'n klippie saam!!



From Katie Cohen
Well done to all of you. We are so proud and look forward to hearing all about it. Now get down safely and have a vodka!

Could you see our house from up there?

Love Katie, Sydney and Georgia. Mwah


Katie Cohen



Tuesday 10 Aug ‘10

Today was an acclimatization hike up to Pastukhov Rocks (4 700m), and we had the most perfect weather. The fact that none got much sleep due to several champion snorers on the team was not to deter us from the day's goal. The slow plod to this higher elevation also aids in getting acquainted with our gear.  The panoramas are breathtaking in more ways than one! We got to the Rocks just before the snow arrived and managed to have our lesson in self-arrest with our ice axe..great fun! Now all safely down at the hut, rehydrating and getting in some vital nutrition. All focus will now be on getting well fed, hydrated and rested for our summit bid tomorrow.. Snowflakes falling. Just beautiful! 


From Nora Reynecke
Hey Rose!

Looks like all is well for an awesome experience!  Ons dink aan jou, jy moet dit baie geniet! J

Nora & Alisha 

From Ansa Klopper
Hi Johan
Hou ons naam HOOG - ek sien jy gaan hom BAIE ELBRUS HOOG gaan hou!
Ons hou jou dop en hoop jy het 'n warm-maak dop daar! Mis jou en dink elke dag aan jou.
Enjoy the experience.  Bring the photo's and we are proud of you.

Thinking of you all in the team!

From a NOT-So-COLD, but cold Bloemfontein! Ansa

From Keet Pretorius
Dwergie, jy is nie nou op die Otter nie. Haal daai Russian Mail Order Bride uit jou rugsak, dan sal jy makliker stap.



From Letha Viljoen
Hey Rennie...

Klink of alles goed gaan daar in die groot ooptes. Lyk ongelooflik! Neem baie foto's (en moenie die kamera verloor nie)!

Sterkte vir môre!!


From Nora Reynecke
Rose & the rest of the team,

Best of luck with your summit attempt tomorrow! Ons hou duimvas vir goeie weer!

Nora & Alisha



Monday 09 Aug ‘10

After breakfast we drive to the Azau Glade at the base of Mt. Elbrus.  Here we elevate by the Elbrus Cableway , a series of gondolas and a ski-lift, to the Garabashi Station (3 750m) and location of the well-know Barrel Huts. We walk on by and slowly up the slope to the Blue Hut (4 080m), our base camp for the climb.  Taking it easy in the hut, with a possible afternoon stroll to explore the area and ruins of Priyut of 11 Refuge, we will rest as best possible and look forward to a good dinner and night’s sleep. 

From Jaun Brand

Vir Rennie 

Jy beter bo uitkom. Klim boetie, klim. Ons kyk vir jou. 

P.S. Onthou ons Vodka


From Joey Pienaar

Hi Rose and your Mt Elbrus party

Enjoy your adventure!  We are stolling up that mountain with you, in our minds!  Only in our minds...

Keep on happy strolling.

We think of you.

All the best.

From Joey & Dina and the Kilima Kidogo guesthouse team in Zanzibar



From DJ Jaco &Chris

To Johan:  We just had a great weekend skiing in the Maluti mountains we were also at 3700m!!!!

Good luck climbing love you DJ Jaco &Chris xx


From Les Gardner

Go team! Good to hear you're there safely, now the real adventure can begin...

Les & Kim Gardner 



Sunday 08 Aug ‘10

With our 1st couple of days in Russia we have already been served huge dollops of adventure. Having spent the entire day yesterday waiting for our domestic flight to Min-Vody,we did eventually get away at 2am.

We were in time for breakfast at the hotel and now the team is attempting to work in a couple of hours' sleep before we head for an acclimatization hike on a peak nearby. Spirits are good though-thank you for all the words of encouragement! 


Saturday 07 Aug ‘10

All flights delayed due to the weather. Waiting on an update to see if we need to make a plan B with bus/train. Such is the nature of adventure. 



From Coobah Klerksdorp
Dear Henk.
Good Luck and enjoy the Heat Wave
From all of us here at Coobah Klerksdorp


Friday 06 Aug ‘10

The group arrived at Doha early at 6.50. It was already 35C when we arrived. We really must be thankful for the weather we have in SA. All's well. Hanging round. 




Thur 05 Aug ‘10

Elbrus 2010 The team
Russia here we come! After many months of preparation, sorting out gear and attempting to get it all packed… we leave Johannesburg in the late evening hours headed for Moscow via Doha.  Although it is quite normal to expect extremely hot weather in Qatar, we are trying hard to calm fears of the current heat wave that has Russia in its clutches. Experiencing 40C temperatures in Moscow is totally unheard of – at least in the past 100 years of recording!  But we will take it as it comes and keep well hydrated.


From Katie Cohen
Good luck, Daddy. We’re gonna miss you. Love Sydney and Georgia (Nolan’s blue-eyed girls!)

To Rose and the Mt Elbrus team

 From Cheryl, Renisha and Subayga
We wish you all the best on this wonderful adventure! May you enjoy the experience and make great memories!!
Most of all, we wish you a safe trip.
Will be following you closely.
Happy trekkingJ

From the PE Kili girls
Cheryl, Renisha and Subayga

From Do-Jo, Chris & Jaco

Johan:  Have a wonderful flight we miss you already!
Do-Jo, Chris & Jaco :)


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