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Meet the team

- Rose Gardner (Dream World Adventures representative) -
- Karien Orton -
- Natalie De La Porte -
- Allan Leaver -
- Cameron Leaver -
- Jocelyn Bolluijt -
- Thijs Boogert -


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Friends and family members are invited to send us messages of encouragement as we will also be posting this on the blog for the group to view when they have a gap.

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Elbrus blog 2013 picture 02
The team enjoyiung the sights of St. Peterburg. Elbrus blog 2013 picture 01
Sat 03 Aug 2013
Elbrus blog 2013 Sat 03 Aug 2013 We're back in the valley! Had a lovely celebratory lunch and now for some proper rest after a hard climb.
Well done team!! What an amazing achievement!! I am very happy for all. Alan sorry you couldn't go further but going as far as you did is already something you can be proud if. Enjoy the trip down and the nice hot showers waiting and if any of you are staying longer in Russia...ENJOY!! Rosie you did it, big hug from me!! What a nice 40th birthday present hey!!
Love Marisa xx
Hallo Thijs en Jocelyn jullie hebben weer een hele goede prestatie geleverd knap hoor groeten piet agatha fabian
Congratulations to all of you. Rose, thanks for bringing them safely up and down. Thijs and Jocelyn this is great, together at the top, we're so proud on you.
Jan and Tilly
Dear Rose and Victor, Congrats with the summit, especially to Jocelyn and Thijs. Weldone! Team Edward Bekker Ski and Alpinisme. Met vriendelijke groet,
Edward Bekker Ski and Alpinisme
Hi Nats Well done - so proud of you :-) Knew you could do it. Enjoy the rest of your stay and come back safely so we can celebrate! Love Megan Megan Pentz-Kluyts
CONGRATS to all of you. What an awesome achievement!!! Well done and glad you are all back down safe and sound. Thanks Rosie for looking after them so well . Well done Cam and Al and enjoy the rest of your stay. Take care.
Love Heath
Fri 02 Aug 2013
What’s up???? Hopefully Team Elbrus 2013! A good weather forecast will have the team beginning their summit bid in the wee hours of the morning. Facing the twin peaks, it is the Western Summit (5 642m) they keep in their sights. Should their goal be attained and dependant on when the team arrives back to the hut, they will spend the night before descending down to the valley the next morning. Elbrus blog 2013 Fri 02 Aug 2013
Team Elbrus summits!!  Congratulations to all on a very fine acheivement in rough snow conditions.
Thu 01 Aug 2013
Elbrus blog 2013 Thu 01 Aug 2013 More acclimatization is on the cards today! This time Pastukhov Rocks (4 600m - 4 700m) the goal! For most, who have experienced trekking at altitude on Kilimanjaro, have not before had the opportunity to feel the weighty reassurance of double plastic boots and crampons crunching away on a snow slope, nor felt the way in which one’s gait changes with these bulky, though essential gear items – they’ll be likening themselves to cowboys / girls by the end of this practice session! Some instruction on the uses of an ice axe and most importantly how to self arrest will also form part of the day’s learning… On reaching the Rocks, there is nothing better than enjoying a snack and warm drink while taking in the awesome views and breathing the crisp, clean mountain air. Once down at the hut it’s key to hydrate, have a good meal and get to sleep. Tomorrow is D-day and should the weather permit, the summit beckons…
Somtimes climbing mountains requires getting down and dirty! We had our self arrest lesson up at Pastukhov Rocks - great fun!!.
Sadly Allan has decided not to join us on the summit attempt tomorrow.  He is fine however and will hopefully be awaiting our return to the hut with hot drinks.
Weather is looking good, so the next time I update will be with long awaiting news :-)
HI Natalie Baie sterkte vir die klim! Jy moet dit geniet en veilig huis toe kom!
Liefde Theresa
Hallo Thys en Jocelyn Be carefull and all the best with the climb
Maarten en Ria
Hey guys Have an awesome climb; focus and enjoy. Take lots of care and rootin’ for you!!
Lots of love Heath
Hey guys Have an awesome safe trip and enjoy enjoy!!!!
Take care Heather Leaver
Hi Nats Hope all is going well, good luck for the climb. Did you pack your bikini for the photo on the slopes!
Love The Silver Team
Rosie Posie have a song for you for summit day….
I can see clearly now the snow is gone
I can see all of Elbrus in my way
Gone are the snow clouds that made me cry
It’s going to be a bright, bright sun-shining day
It’s going to be a bright , bright sun-shining day
It’s that Johhny Nash song “I can see clearly now” just revamped for you
:-) Mwaa Misa
Cam and Al I hope you achieving on that mountain! All the best for the summit and enjoy that beer when you get back to the bottom! darren Many thanks
Kind Regards,
Darren Chambers
Team 2013 I wish you all a successful summit without any snowstorms and howling wind. Go conquer that mountain!! Like we say in Afrikaans: sit die berg ore aan J Oh and if you are doing the ride on the snowmobile…..hang on TIGHT!!!
Go team go!!!!!!!!!
Hallo Thijs en Jocelyn Het is wel stoer wat jullie doen kijk wel goed uit en een veilige thuiskomst Lieve groetjes Piet
Agatha Fabian
Hey! Wat le julle so rond?? Klim daai berg! En kom veilig terug...
Van Amanda
Hi Nats, The time has come, this is what you were waiting for. Hope the climb is not too hectic and even if it is, I just know you will do well and persevere. All the best for tomorrow, will be thinking about you as you go up and up. Enjoy and take lots of pickies!!!!!! So that we can go oooooh and aaaah when you get home. Love ja stacks Mwaaaaah Faiza
Rose Go do the climb good luck to all
Wed 31 Jul 2013
The mountain awaits…today after breakfast the team gets serious! A short drive down the valley to the Azau Glade at the base of Mt. Elbrus will have them ascend via the Elbrus Cableway, a series of gondolas and a ski-lift, to the Garabashi Station (3 750m) and location of the infamous Barrel Huts (with even more infamous outhouses!!). Garabashi Station, where of the glaciers flanking the slopes end and rock begins, is generally a hive of activity, populated by not only climbers, but by locals taking a morning sightseeing trip and it is not uncommon to find young women posing for photos in their bikinis on the snow slopes… The hike up to Blue Hut (4 080m), ‘home’ for the next several days, is a slow hike up the glacier. Elbrus blog 2013 Wed 31 Jul 2013
Safe and snug in Blue Hut. Was a hard climb with heavy packs, so everyone should be happy with themselves so far.  The weather forecast seems to be best for a shot at the top on Friday morning as planned, so hold thumbs!!
Success with the climb. Thijs and Jocelyn be careful, we love you. Jan en Tilly
Haai! Ga duimen voor goed weer voor jullie! Genietse! Liefs, Ari
Hi Karien, hear that today might be a bit rainy on the first walk. Hope that there is a warm cup of coffee at the end of the day. For you and the team, Enjoy, hi ho hi ho its off to the mountain we go J All the best
Charles Orton
Hi Nats, Just checking in to see if you ok and still enjoying the trip!!!!! Otherwise I’ll just come and fetch you doll LOL. Missing you here, the whole Asj team send their regards and we are all behind you.
:-) Hugs and Kisses Faiza mwaaah
Natalie-I’m rooting for you, go girl!!
Tue 30 Jul 2013
Elbrus blog 2013 Tue 30 Jul 2013  Nothing is as constant as change they say! Today’s aim is acclimatization and be this effort undertaken on the ridge of Mt. Cheget (3 410m), which would usually be the case, or up to the Observatory or even on the Kogutay ridge, remains to be seen. In the past week Mt. Cheget has been incorporated into the Border Region proper and reports are that hiking has been disallowed there. Border Region permits have been issued already, but in the event that these are now nullified, the main aim of acclimatization will be accomplished – even if it means adapting the plan. On such expeditions, changes are part and parcel, so one must just roll with it!
And up u go!! May ur bags and legs be light. Aan karien: Alle voorspoed vriendin en moenie die geel ys eet nie! En stuur groete aan die yeti.
Van Amanda
Snowy day on Mt. Cheget!. A first for everything as it is usually a very hot summer day.  That's life in the mountains - be prepared for anything.  Everyone is doing really weel and hoping for a good couple of days weather in coming days.  The snowy trail served for a couple of tumbles. Had wonderful chicken sashlik (kebabs) for lunch and now making last preparations for tomorrow.
Mon 29 Jul 2013
The team has a rather early flight today down south to the town of Minerlayne Vody leaving at 08h55, again hoping this move will help avoid gridlocked peak Monday morning traffic. A little over 2hr flight will see them waiting anxiously around the baggage carousel for their bulging duffel bags to appear. Russia is not big on luggage trolleys, making getting between the terminal and their waiting van a workout in itself! Elbrus blog 2013 Mon 29 Jul 2013
Team Ealbrus 2013 has arrived safely at MinVody on a hot summer day.
Hi Natalie, Good luck and all the best for your loooooooooong journey. Hope the weather is good!!!! Thinking about you all the time, MAKE US PROUD DARLING!!!! Love you stacks.
Faiza Ismail :-)
Sun 28 Jul 2013
Elbrus blog 2013 Sun 28 Jul 2013 Arriving in Moscow is usually a frenetic affair paired with high temperatures. Here’s hoping since it is Sunday the team won’t be delayed on their way to the hotel so that they can freshen up and shoot into the city centre from the nearby metro station to enjoy a meal and greet Russia in the best fashion on Red Square.
Team arrived safely on the square. 
Hi Karien and team members, the excitement levels must be very high and by this time you are in Russia, well done! Nostrovia! a toast to you and your team members success.
Regards Charles Orton
Sat 27 Jul 2013
And they’re off!!! D-day has arrived and months of preparation have sped by far too swiftly... Hailing from several corners of the country, the team head for Dubai from Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg where they will meet at last to complete the 5hr Moscow leg together. This year has been no different insofar as nervous apprehension and frustration at trying to get bags properly packed and within ‘respectable’ weight limits. The international flight is one thing, but the internal flight with its 20kg luggage allowance is another… May vast Russia, which spans 11 time zones, welcome Team Elbrus ’13 with open arms! Elbrus blog 2013 Sat 27 Jul 2013
Good luck Rose and the rest of the Elbrus 2013 team.  May the mountain give you good weather and you all have a great time!.
People climb mountains for a number of reasons – bringing to mind one of my favourite mountaineering quotes : ” Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve. They are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.” (Anatoli Boukreev). Climbing I find to be an incredibly spiritual experience though mostly done self-satisfaction and some would rightly call me selfish. Then there are those, like Cressima Singh, heading to Kilimanjaro at the end of August who is adventuring forth in a fundraising and awareness effort for Operation Smile.
This is her story: 
Children born into this world with a facial deformity struggle to thrive, struggle to eat and drink and struggle to be heard and accepted. For these children, Operation Smile brings hope.
If we do our part, $240US can transform despair into possibility. With our efforts and your generosity, we hope to change the lives of 42 children around the world. If friendship can transcend distance and time than a smile can reach over oceans from their hearts right back to ours. A smile changes everything!
An Indian- South African meets an Italian- Canadian in Hamburg, Germany in 2011. A 6-month JnJ assignment was all that was needed to cement this friendship. Seeing as I am based in Berlin and Cressima in Johannesburg, we felt it was only fitting to meet somewhere in the middle for our next adventure- Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Over the last 3 months, we have been mentally and physically preparing ourselves to CONQUER KILI because we are absolutely terrified about all the pain and tears that is coming our way. Knowing that this trip will not only strengthen our friendship but also help children around the world makes it all worth it- that is, if Cressi doesn’t throw me off the mountain.
If you would like to follow our progress, please feel free to join our Facebook Group for updates:
Thanks for your support and keep smiling!
Cressi and Gio

Rose Gardner Elbrus blog 2013 Rose Gardner

No introduction necessary... I dont think!! Usually office bound at Dream World Adventures, dedicated to arranging memorable holidays for my clients, I get the chance to lead a team of adventurers and share my passion for the hills with them by journeying to Europe’s highest peak. See you there!

Karien Orton

I am married with 3 children. Living in the beautiful town of Robertson in the western cape . I am a lecture in midwifery . I love climbing and it can best be summed up by Helen Jackson: "Gazing around, looking up at the lofty pinnacles above, which seemed to pierce the sky, looking down upon the world,--it seemed the whole world, so limitless it stretched away at her feet,--feeling that infinite unspeakable sense of nearness to Heaven, remoteness from earth which comes only on mountain heights, she drew in a long breath of delight, and cried: "At last! at last, Alessandro! Here we are safe! This is freedom! This is joy!" ― Helen Hunt Jackson, Ramona.

Karien Orton Elbrus blog 2013
Natalie De La Porte Elbrus blog 2013 Natalie De La Porte

 I am 37 years old. I have just recently discovered a passion for climbing mountains and exploring remote parts of the world. I have summited Mnt Kilimanjaro, climbed to Mnt Everest base camp and summited Kala Pathar. After exploring Mnt Elbrus my next expedition plan is to explore Mnt Aconcagua. To me exploration isn’t about conquering natural obstacles or planting flags. It’s not about going where no one has gone before in order to leave my mark, it’s about the opposite of that – about making myself vulnerable, opening myself up to whatever there is and letting the place leave it’s mark on me.

Allan and Cameron Leaver

Cameron- 23 yr old, honours student. aspiring world traveller. sports mad castle lite lover. Allan- 57 yr old with a bucket list, Kilimajaro 2010, ready for Elbrus.

Allan and Cameron Lever Elbrus blog 2013 
Jocelyn Bolluijt and Thijs Boogert Elbrus blog 2013 Jocelyn Bolluijt and Thijs Boogert
Jocelyn and Thijs is from Rotterdam, Netherlands.  Both in the financial sector.  Joining for the climb and excited!

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