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An adventure expedition to Europe's highest peak

Mt. Elbrus, at 5 642m, is the highest peak in Europe and rises majestically from a beautiful alpine-like valley dominated by dramatic glaciated peaks. Although Russia’s vast expanse spans an incredible 11 time zones, the scope of our trip hones in on the this peak, it being acclaimed one of the famous 7 Summits of the World!


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Journey to mysterious Russia with Dream World Adventures
Mt. Elbrus expedition 2017
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Russia is a BIG country…spanning 11 time zones in fact, but before any feeling of utter insignificance in the face of this vastness overtakes you, let me point out that our focus is the dormant twin-peaked volcano, whose Western summit rises 5 642m above sea level in the Caucasus mountain range which stretches east to west between the Black and Caspian Sea along Russian’s border with Georgia.
Being Europe’s highest peak, Mt. Elbrus is a drawcard for mountaineers the world over wishing to tick this peak off their 7-Summits bucket list and holds a strong attraction for most of us just aching for the excitement of our next mountainous pursuit and exploration of a country and culture unknown…
The glaciated slopes make for an enticing and challenging ascent that is often underestimated because volatile weather is the order of the day up there! Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak rises over 250m higher, but the severe cold of Elbrus and the protection in the form of down jackets, double boots, crampons and ice axes demands respect.
Join us as we venture forth again at the end of July to the mysterious land of the tsars, of contrasts, of vodka and shashlik kebabs, of ornate onion-domed cathedrals and flashy stretch-limousines, and most importantly, the jewel in the crown of the Caucasus range, Mt Elbrus!
Variations to the proposed plan of action below, such as an extension to magical St. Petersburg, are possible, provided they can be synchronized with flight schedules and with the itinerary and framework of the remainder of the group.



Expeditions of this nature require months of planning and accordingly we are looking at finalizing the travel arrangements for the team by the beginning of June to allow sufficient time for you to obtain your Russian visa.
We look forward to hearing from you – don’t get left behind!
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